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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Another TEEN In Your Own Words a poem by "Ican..."

One of my fans in Indonesia is a CRAZY GOOD POET! His poems evoke pain and vulnerability but you can feel the FREEDOM his words give to the sometimes painful situations he writes about.

You will see him here more often. He writes A LOT and shares his work on his Facebook page.

On Facebook he goes by  "Icankalwaysagonyscreampain Trappedblackholeofdeath Blackveilbridesandbmth"

Welcome, friends. Enjoy!

I woke up, my body lying
I feel lighter, my soul drift
I think my leg, not touching the ground
I saw my body could no longer breathe

My disappear, possibly death
But can not get out, I increasingly bound
I see me, oh am I?
My time is stopped, the death of my

My body was floating ...
Thousands of fire burn ...
Oh was hot ...
What is happening to me? ..
I saw a black shadow ...
But I also can not escape ..
I kept running .....
Until my crashing, awake!

My soul is oppressed, in the dark
Sick ...
Lonely alone in the silence
Scary world

Want to rebel, my soul was torn
Oh ... I die!
Follow the black shadow

Take me away
Natural dark ahead
I'm afraid to die ...
My soul shattered
Slowly and disappear

Sick ...

He will be back. There is much more to be read by "Icankalwaysagonyscreampain Trappedblackholeofdeath Blackveilbridesandbmth"


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