Know why you are here?

inspiration * conversation * aggitation * alot of connection


i built this site for you
i love talking
i love art
i love purple
i think kids are mean
but i think they can change
i read alot
my favorite writers make me forget my own life
i doodle endlessly
i don't ever give out my age or hometown
my passion is helping others
i don't eat animals
i am a good dancer
i have a lot of friends
i hate shopping
i am addicted to black & white striped leggings
i love all things i can cuddle
i am petrified of snakes
i am addicted to caffeine
i love lipstick
i've got ink
i am pierced
adam sandler makes me pee my pants
i am ridiculously flexible
i love to laugh
i don't smoke or do drugs
i love youtube
the last sip of coffee makes my toes curl
summer is my favorite season
i love the beach
i love sleeping
good night