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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Introducing my newest favorite poet....Charlie Christopher

On Facebook I meet a lot of teens and many are struggling and don't know how to articulate their pain. That is not the case with my newest friend, Charlie.
If you can write music, THIS poem needs to have music!
Introducing Charlie, one of the most genuine teens I have met!
My anger is put in a box, chained with locks
And cast out into a vast ocean that is my mind
It floats out into the ocean in a dormant sleep
Then the ripples come
The ripples turn into violent waves
They toss the box waking my anger
My anger grows and stretches the box
The lock gives way and breaks
My anger gets out
It makes a mad dash through my mind destroying everything in it's path
It reaches my thoughts
It breaks into my words
My will snaps like a tooth pick
I turn into this rage filled monster
It rips apart my heart by attacking the people I love
It tells me I'm weak, it tells me I'm nothing
I feel weak, and hollow
My mind shuts down and the monster takes control
I'm like a puppet and the monster pulls the strings
Until it tires and finally it sleeps
And I lock it up and cast it away once more
Knowing it will come back again
But praying it never does

~Charlie Christopher
*Thanks Charlie, for sharing your heart!*

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