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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Lucy B. In Your Own Words Part 2

You may remember Lucy's Part One a couple weeks ago.

Lucy is a prolific teen writer and I am thrilled to send you her PART TWO!

Luckily, my dad was asleep when Sofie came, so we could sneak out and stop him from making a fuss. Last night was hell, I can't tell anyone though. They'll think I'm stupid, that I'm trying to get attention, but I'm not! Anyway, who cares about little me, it happens to loads of girls and boys around the world; whatever age or size they are.  But I somehow knew Sofie would understand, but she'd do something!
 I looked at Sofie, she had a look of worry on her face.
"Sofie, are you okay?" I asked, putting my hand on her shoulder.
"I'm fine. What does it matter anyway?" she snapped, pushing my hand off.
"Well, it does matter...because you're my best friend!" I said, gently.
"Well. I...em. It doesn't matter...really. It's nothing just - Oh, is that the time?" she spluttered.
"It's only ten past eight, Sofie, stop changing the subject!" I shouted, stepping in front of her, therefore making her stop.
"FOR GOODNESS SAKE. IT'S NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS! JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" she yelled, stepping to the side and sped down the road.
"SOFIE! Sofie!! Stop it. Just talk to me, please!" I screamed after her.
She spun round quickly and swore at me before turning the corner and leaving me for good.

I trudged slowly to school, making sure I was never on the same street as Jess. As I arrived at the school gates, Sofie and the plastics were armed with stones. 
"Aww. Look at the sad little loner! All on her own!" jeered Shona, the leader of the pack.
"I know, I can't believe she actually thought she had friends," teased 

I tried to ignore them, but it was close to impossible. They followed me, kicking my ankles, all the way to the main door. When we finally parted Jess shot a look at me that was so mean and full of hate, that it my my heart hurt. Whilst tears welled up in my eyes, I heard Jess run up behind me. I thought she was going to apologize, but I was wrong. She had another stone in her hand.
It was big.
And was aimed at me.

Thanks Lucy!!
Excited for PART THREE

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